Doula Practitioner

My name is Ali Merrett and I have loved becoming a Doula. I have a counselling background and am in awe of human relationships, feelings, resilience and individuals journeys. I feel it is such a privilege to be a part of someone’s final stages of life and hopefully make those around them more able to cope.

The Soul Companions Doula diploma is outstanding. We had an intimate group of 5, making learning, experimenting with new skills and looking within ourselves a safe and rich experience. We had thorough training on what happens in the medical world, legal aspects, health and safety etc and then an in-depth consideration of a wide ranging alternative ways of approaching death and dying leaving us all feeling hugely equipped for this role.

I am based in the Guildford, Surrey area. I have extensive knowledge of rescuing animals, particularly horses, dogs and cats and therefore feel I could be of use to those clients who wanted to keep there beloved pets for as long as possible and help families rehome pets if need be. I am soon to qualify as a funeral celebrant too.

To help a person have a dignified death, (all being well) in the place they have chosen, in the knowledge that the loved ones they leave behind have a continuity of support from me is such a wonderful job to have and I would encourage others to participate in this course and join with us to help serve our community.