End of Life Care

End of Life Care

Doula Training

Foundation Course

To support participants in developing the knowledge and understanding needed to be able to provide support for individuals, and others, in end of life situations.

Foundation Course

Our Foundation Course is aimed at those who might gain support from knowing more about the dying process and what to expect, therefore aimed at carers whose loved ones might be approaching the end of an illness, those working in the funeral industry, celebrants & care home staff.

The Foundation Course can be taken by itself for a cost of £500 for 4 days training.

Our purpose is to provide learning for a holistic person-centred approach that encourages openness, compassion and love.

The course is non-discriminatory but of course we urge you to consider if you have these qualities before applying: are you caring? Motivated by compassion not greed? Emotionally and physically sound in body? Have enthusiasm, dedication, embody ethical principles, simplistic values and want to make a difference where it counts? Then please consider applying as we would love to support you on your own journey.

If you wish to practise as a Doula you will be required to undergo a DBS check.

The foundation module can be accessed as a stand alone with a certificate of attendance on exit. The first 2 days can also be accessed as stand alone with a certificate of attendance on exit.

Those wishing to practice as a Doula or feel they would benefit from further learning are required to undertake all four modules which is assessed via Portfolio.

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Our Foundation Course can be taken by itself for a cost of £500 for 4 days training.

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Course Content


To support participants in developing the knowledge and understanding needed to be able to provide support for individuals, and others, in end of life situations.

Ideal for:

  • Those caring for the family members
  • Funeral directors and celebrants
  • Carers in care homes
  • Professionals requiring a refresher relating to loss and bereavement
  • Participant who wish to work as End of Life Doulas (in paid/unpaid roles)

Core Foundation module subjects include:

  • Loss, grief and bereavement
  • What is spirituality
  • Exploring who You are (Thrive 365)
  • Communication skills 1
  • The palliative trajectory
  • Stages of dying
  • Advanced care plans
  • Consent
  • Boundaries and Limitations
  • Exploring Advocacy, Dignity and Respect, Right to refuse as case studies
  • Cultural and religious practices
  • End of life care plan
  • Social health systems – who to work with
  • Basic meditation (mindfulness runs through all 4 modules)
  • What is a Doula ?

Learning Outcome:

  1. Know different perspectives on death and dying
  2. Understand how individuals are affected
  3. Understand the dying and grieving trajectory
  4. Outline factors that an affect our views on death and dying and the bereavement experience

Assessment of learning outcomes is met by:

a portfolio of exploration and reflective practice If you are participating in this foundation module as part of the Doula training.

If however you are only taking the foundation course exiting at this point you will be provided a certificate of attendance and no assessment is required.

Module Content includes:

The module provides an in-depth exploration of Loss, grief and bereavement and the national levels of care.

An exploration of spirituality and one’s sense of place in the world with an insightful exploration into Who You Are facilitated by the director of Thrive 365: A Day of self-discovery – Today is all about you identifying what being a Doula means to you on a personal level.  We will look at the key moments in your life that have shaped who you are today, your strengths and what you uniquely bring to shape this next part of your life.

We will explore:

  • Who you are in this present moment
  • How you want to be seen as a Doula
  • How you want to be visible
  • What’s your personal brand? This isn’t necessarily about what people see but how you make them feel.

Participants will be introduced to basic communications skills with practice sessions to hone those skills. The palliative trajectory will be discussed along with the stages of grief and stages of dying.

Participants will be invited to produce their own advanced care plan as a class room exercise to understand this important document. The principles of consent will be presented along with discussion around the carer’s boundaries and limitations. Advocacy, dignity and respect will be explored as well as the right to refuse care or treatment. Cultural and religious practices will be discussed with participants encouraged to share their own knowledge and viewpoints. An example of an end of Life care plan will be presented along with the systems and people who operate to ensure a “good death” is achieved.

As a class we will practise basic mindfulness which runs through all the modules to enable participants the resilience to cope with caring for the dying. Finally, we will explore the role of the Doula for those wishing to become one or require the support of one in the future.

Course Costs

Course Costs:

  • Stand Alone | 2 Days | £200.00
  • Foundation Course | 4 Days | £500.00
  • Doula Course (Foundation plus Modules 1, 2, 3 – assessed) | min: 120 hours of learning | £1400.00

If paying in full at the beginning of the full Doula Training course a discount of £150 is applied reducing the cost and securing your place on all modules.

A non-refundable deposit of £150 to secure booking is required. All fees must be paid within four weeks of attending each module.

Doula Training Foundation Course

End of Life Care

Modules 1, 2, 3

Builds on training and education for people who may wish to offer their services (paid or unpaid) to people who are dying or supporting families of those who are dying.

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